We playfight, after we share how did we feel and it is improving our lives

What is PlayFight?

PlayFight meets basic human need to connect in playful an energetic way.
It is what kids and animals do to build trust, to connect and play.

PlayFight is self development method founded by Tomáš Wortner. The aim is to vitalize inner strength and playfulness, creating authentic relationships and positive work with emotions.

We combine honest communication and physical activity PlayFight. We meet to PlayFight to get to know ourselves and our partner better. The basis is a safe environment: support, authenticity and openness in the group.

Structure of a workshop

1. Opening circle

Sitting in a circle and honestly sharing our intention to come and our personal topic/challege in real life. PlayFight foto

2. Warm-up

Warming-up in a circle and then in pairs / groups. Tuning in to our bodies, current energy and meeting others. PlayFight foto

3. PlayFights

After explaining the rules and structure we dedicate the main part of the workshop to PlayFights. PlayFight foto

4. Closing circle

Summary and reflection of our experiences / feelings. Expressing our gained insights and knowleadge. PlayFight foto


Through PlayFight we learn how to connect with our strength and playfulness, how to set our boundaries, how to connect with the partner, how to take care of our energy, how to let ourselves to lose and win, how to be strong but not fierce.

The goal is not to humiliate the partner. The aim is to experience intense and safe encounters, to reflect them and gain new insights and knowledge.

Rules in a box

I want the enjoy each PlayFight. To have overview.

I am "winning" when I hold my partner´s back on the floor.

No one is counting any points.

PlayFight lasts for 5 minutes in basic version.

I am responsible for myself and my boundaries.

No harming of my partner neither myself.

Kicking, punching and choaking not alowed.

I am sensitive to myslef, my emotions and my partner.

I can say stop/break anytime.

Our facilitators

Tomáš Wortner

Tomáš Wortner
I am founder and leader of PlayFight. I facilitate PlayFight for men and mixed groups in Prague, Brno and Liberec.

Katarzyna Kamecka

Katarzyna Kamecka
I facilitate PlayFight for women in Prague, Brno and Liberec. I am curently in Iceland

Jakub Rajtmajer

Jakub Rajtmajer
I facilitate PlayFight for men in Brno.

Martin Masák

Martin Masák
I facilitate PlayFight for men in Liberec.


We are currently organising PlayFight workshops in Czech Republic - Prague, Brno and Liberec. You will find all events on our facebook page:


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