We playfight, after we share how did we feel and it is improving our lives
Tomáš Wortner and facilitor team

What is PlayFight?

PlayFight is self development method. The aim is inner freedom - autenticity.

In the workshops, we create a sincere and at the same time safe community, where people open and transform their personal topics. The main tools for this are conscious work with the body and emotions and the art of honest communication.

Frequent topics of the participants are: to allow oneself to be oneself, to allow oneself to express emotions (verbally and non-verbally), non-violent expressions of anger and setting boundaries, how not to escape conflicts, finding win-win solutions in conflicts, constructive use of force, etc.

Structure of a workshop

1. Opening circle

Sitting in a circle and honestly sharing our intention to come and our personal topic/challege in real life. PlayFight foto

2. Warm-up

Warming-up in a circle and then in pairs / groups. Tuning in to our bodies, current energy and meeting others. PlayFight foto

3. PlayFights

After explaining the rules and structure we dedicate the main part of the workshop to PlayFights. PlayFight foto

4. Closing circle

Summary and reflection of our experiences / feelings. Expressing our gained insights and knowleadge. PlayFight foto

Playfight rituals

PlayFight is a safe metting moving freely on the scale playfulness - strenght.
The goal of PlayFight is to connect with yourself and others.

1. Partner selection

Anyone can invite anyone. The invitee accepts or rejects. The pair then begins in the middle of the circle with breathing exercise. PlayFight foto

2. Tuning in

Just before PlayFight there is a moment to feel your emotions, tune in to your intention and partner. PlayFight foto

3. PlayFight

The pair creates their PlayFight the way they want. Everything can appear on a scale: a joyful game - a strenght wrestling. PlayFight foto

4. Reflection

Each from the couple shares how they felt during PlayFight, what they experienced and what they appreciate their partner for. PlayFight foto

PlayFight team

We founded PlayFight in the end of 2017.

Since than Tomáš Wortner is exploring and developing this method. Currently the team consist of Katarzyna Kamecka, Martin Masák and Jakub Rajtmajer.

Tomáš Wortner

Tomáš Wortner
I am founder of PlayFight.

Katarzyna Kamecka

Katarzyna Kamecka
I facilitate PlayFight for women.

Martin Masák

Martin Masák
I am in facilitor training.

Jakub Rajtmajer

Jakub Rajtmajer
I am a guest facilitator.

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Planned events

We are currently organising PlayFight workshops in Czech Republic.
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Workshops reviews

Best teacher with strong emphasis of your individual capabilities and a serious intention to develop you further!

Zveřejnil(a) Karl-Heinz Wonsak dne Úterý 20. srpna 2019

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